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DualCurrency Systems

DualCurrency Systems

New money for healthy communities:

An environmentally-sustainable and socially-just global economy calls for game-changing innovation. Dual currency commerce can benefit businesses, consumers, communities and the environment alike.

Today, businesses reward consumer spending with a myriad of loyalty rewards from frequent flyer miles and credit card points to rebates and discounts. Why not also reward socially responsible and sustainable living behaviors: community volunteerism; improved academic performance by youth; green energy usage; money-saving health and wellness efforts and so forth?

It can be done:

DualCurrency Systems (DCS) has devised an enhancement to credit cards and e-commerce that supports sustainable economic development on a more level economic playing field – more people getting what they need without resorting to taxes or charity. By capturing overlooked wealth, such as empty restaurant tables, empty airline seats, empty college desks and excess retail inventory, the DCS innovation addresses a significant inefficiency in the market. In turn, this real wealth creates a next generation of rewards for socially responsible and sustainable living activities.

Everyone wins with dual currency commerce:

  • Merchants accept rewards for dual currency deals on their unused capacity
  • Communities mobilize the untapped time and talents of people
  • Cross-sector coalitions arise from revenue sharing with community organizations
  • New payments industry products and revenues drive rapid global adoption

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