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July 25: Art and Business Exchange and Exploration

July 25: Art and Business Exchange and Exploration

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This lab is an exchange between artists and business people (and those in between), that explores the different ways of knowing that artists and business people represent. This is a lab is for people who are interested in looking at diverse approaches to doing their work, creating, innovating, and meeting society’s challenges.

This will be a small invite-only lab. If you are an artist or business person who would like to be invited, please contact Dylan Skybrook at dylan.skybrook “at” gmail “dot” com.

 Artists and business people often exist in different silos, with a different set of capacities valued within that silo. Artists tend to develop capacities of exploration and expression, business people tend to develop capacities that aid exchange.

The artistic/explorative set of capacities is marginalized and often not valued by business and the public at large. In the art world, the business/exchange side of things tends not to be valued and often not engaged.

 In this lab, we’d like to ask:

  •  Do we have blind spots in our work that come from habitually approaching challenges from only one point of view?
  •  Could business people be better served by developing the practice of exploring for its own sake?
  •  Could artists be better served by putting more emphasis on getting something in exchange for their efforts?
  •  What do we miss by segregating ourselves into silos?
  •  Could society be better served by having a full spectrum of capacities available to meet society’s challenges?

 Our goal is to have a conversation in which people can explore the value of capacities and ways of knowing that are different than their own, and to explore the possibility of a more integrated society in which a full-range of capacities and talents are recognized as valuable.

Art and Business Exchange and Exploration

 July 25

 McKnight Foundation

 710 S 2nd St # 400, Minneapolis, MN 55401



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