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Network Map of Community Leadership in the Upper Midwest

The Social Innovation Lab makes maps of networks of community leaders and change makers in the Upper Midwest and how they connect with each other. We’re using LinkedIn connections as one source for making that network map.

Check Out the Network Maps

A network map of 2015 bushCONNECT participants. Use the user name and password on the handout from the Network Mapping table at bushCON.

A map of relationships between 2014 bushCONNECT participants (and others who gave permission), using information from LinkedIn

A 2014 map of leadership networks bushCONNECT participants identified as places that help inspire, equip, and connect their leadership

Making Sense of the Maps

Network Mapping Glossary

How to Use the Network Map

How It Works

Network mapping is a growing field that uses social and professional relationships to make visual displays that help us see how people are and aren’t connected. The professional networking website, LinkedIn, is one place that tracks working relationships we have. In this project, we’re combining the LinkedIn network maps of many community leaders and change makers in the Upper Midwest so we can see how our different networks relate to each other. We want to use this as a tool to help us understand how networks of leaders in our region are and aren’t connected. Here’s an example from Baltimore of a similar map in their region.

Who is doing this?

The Minnesota Social Innovation Lab is coordinating the mapping. It started in partnership with the Bush Foundation in preparation for bushCONNECT 2015. We engaged with community leaders at bushCONNECT on May 4, 2015 to reflect on what the network map means for each of our work. We are also continuing to build on the network map after the May bushCONNECT event. You can contact Michael Bischoff (michael ‘at’ clarityfacilitation ‘dot’ com) with questions and suggestions.

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