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Mentor Planet

Mentor Planet

MentorPlanet connects Lab participants with Social Innovation Mentors. Visit their website to either find a mentor or become a mentor.

Connecting People.
Changing the World.

Our Mission (What we do)

Our mission is to build strong, engaged mentoring relationships for social innovators, social entrepreneurs, change-agents, and leaders at all levels — so we can accelerate learning, spur innovation, and increase impact.

Our Vision (Why we do it)

We want high-impact social innovators to thrive. We want social enterprise to become the new norm:

  • where public good becomes the mainstream of business and
  • nonprofits scale and increase impact.

We want to solve the world’s complex problems faster, so we can all lead happier, more meaningful lives.

What We Do (How it works)

The Mentor Planet network connects social innovators — social entrepreneurs, change-agents, and leaders at all levels — with mentors who are experienced professionals. Our mentors provide real-world experience, expertise, and insight in long-term supportive relationships. Mentors expand our limits by being role models, bringing new experiences, and opening doors in ways that are only possible through human interaction. It’s this mix of real-world experience combined with personal chemistry and trust that can really foster meaningful change. Mentoring is leadership in action.

Our social innovators don’t fit into a narrow definition — neither do our mentors. They work for established businesses, start-ups, nonprofits and government organizations. They work in virtually every type of job — from accountant to activist.

Once you sign up, you complete a profile describing yourself and what you want to learn or the experience you have to share. You can browse or conduct a keyword search for a variety of choices. You can reach out to others who have joined Mentor Planet through our site — to search for a mentor-match as well as for networking and informational interviews.

Once you have found someone who seems like a potential match, you can exchange personal contact information to explore next-steps. We recommend you interview at least three people for potential matches. Nothing can replace the personal interaction.

Either the social innovators or mentors can suggest a match. Once you both agree to the match, you can access the tips, tools, and other resources that are available to you for free: sample profiles, sample goal plans, tips for choosing a mentor and starting your relationship, and much more.

Mentoring relationships are similar to other relationships. They require care and nurturing. They are organic and dynamic — they evolve as the people involved grow and adapt with one another. Building trust takes time. It is an essential ingredient, one which makes meaningful feedback and real progress possible. Being engaged in a mentoring relationship can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

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