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Minnesota Technology of Participation

Minnesota Technology of Participation

For over 40 years, Technology of Participation (ToP®) methods have been developing in locations all over the world.  In every time zone and in private, public and community settings ToP methods have been bringing high levels of participation to the decision making process while embedding the ability to create specific customized applications.   ToP values creative thinking, consensus-based decision making, and high levels of participation. ToP trained facilitators are skilled, professional and dedicated to the wisdom of the group

During a “Technology of Participation®” process, participants acquire practical skills for facilitation and training that focus on group participation and collaborative decision-making. This work emphasizes focusing the collective wisdom of the group to address workplace challenges. ToP training and facilitation teams use ToP methods as the foundation for all work in facilitation, consulting and community development.

The Technology of Participation (ToP)® is…

* A structured approach that sparks individual creativity and recognizes and honors all contributions A way for teams to deal with large amounts of data in a short period of time
* A methodology that pools participant’s contributions into larger and information rich patterns,
tools and processes that enable teams to foster an emphasis on common ground and to deal effectively with diversity and avoid conflict and polarization
* A process that builds commitment by assuring effective action
* A world renowned approach that enables strong participation in large as well as small groups

ToP® is the registered trademark of the Institute of Cultural Affairs.

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