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Questions to answer in preparing for a Social Innovation Lab

If you want to organize your own Social Innovation Lab, we suggest that your core team answer the following questions:
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NEED: What is the compelling drive for this gathering? What is the community calling for? What is the community need?



GUIDING QUESTIONS: What are we seeking to learn?



PURPOSE (at two levels):

1)    For this gathering

2)    To advance work around this issue we care about


HOW WE’RE APPROACHING THAT PURPOSE IN THIS SESSION: How is this gathering linked to the three strategies of the Social Innovation Lab (new thinking, new tools, new connections)?


DESIRED RESULTS: What emotional impact & outcomes do we want to see come out of this gathering?


DESIGN ELEMENTS: How do we design this gathering so we get the results we desire? What activities must we make sure to include?



KEY PLAYERS: What are the different team roles we need and what are their responsibilities?



KEY CHALLENGES: What are the key challenges or limiting beliefs we are/might encounter? 



HARVEST: What do we want to harvest from this session and how will we do that?



DURATION: How long is the gathering?



LOCATION: Where will we hold the gathering and what do we need in terms of room set-up?



These questions are drawn from several experiential learning and collaborative action approaches, including the Art of Hosting, World Cafe, the Art of Convening, Technology of Participation, and Human Systems Dynamics. Each of these approaches offers training, writing, and other resources that can be very valuable in designing any process for learning and reflective action.




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