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Social Innovation Coworking

There are many physical locations where social innovators come together to work in a shared location, even though they are working on different projects, for different organizations. Some of these locations are formal coworking centers, like CoCo, and some are informal gathering places, like coffee shops. A network in Minnesota is emerging of several locations where people working on social innovations can come together to work side by side, support each other’s work, and cultivate collaboration. Here are some of the social innovation coworking opportunities in the works:

  • Impact Hub Minneapolis. A group of us from the Social Innovation Lab cowork there most Wednesdays. We invite you to join us! Contact: info “at” socialimpact “dot” mn. The Social Innovation Lab helped launch this coworking center.
  • Co-Lab at the University of Minnesota. “Co-Lab aims to be the hub for student innovation as the University of Minnesota. Our focus is bringing together all the talents from disciplines across the University into one central location where there can be peer-to-peer collaboration. We did much more than create a creative space, we are creating a community that aims to be the bridge between the University and the greater entrepreneurial ecosystem.” Contact: Jon Melgaard (jon ‘at’ umncolab ‘dot’ com)
  • Sandbox Cooperative is developing a coworking site for social ventures in Northeast Minneapolis and at a farm in Ham Lake. Contact: Eric Sannerud (eric ‘at’ sandboxcoop ‘dot’ com)
  • Hamline University is developing a space where collaborative and creative approaches to social issues are designed, supported, and implemented. Contact: Rob Routhieaux (rrouthieaux01 ‘at’ hamline ‘dot’ edu)

What else do you know about? Let us know (michael ‘at’ clarityfacilitation ‘dot’ com) and we can add it to the list. 


Stay tuned for updates! 




In 2014, the Social Innovation Lab helped launch Impact Hub Minneapolis St. Paul. Join us on Nov. 17 for the annual Impact Hub event that celebrates social impact in Minnesota. more
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