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Suggested resources to support your lab

What resources do you need to host your own lab?

Individuals & organizations: The primary resource needed for a lab is the commitment of time and collaborative action from individuals and organizations who care about the topic your lab is addressing. The resources needed for organizing, facilitating, and following up on your lab could be done by volunteers, or you could raise money to pay people to take on these responsibilities.

A Space: The space needed for the event could also either be donated or paid for. 

Resources to consider if you would like to raise money to cover the costs of your lab:

1. Organizations and individuals that care about the issue you are working on might have financial resources to invest in the lab process. Consider asking groups involved in the lab to be financial sponsors of the lab. 

2. The Bush Foundation’s Community Innovation Grants

3. If a nonprofit organization is a part of hosting the lab, you could ask individuals who are interested in your lab to make contributions through a GiveMN online donation campaign.

4. Consider crowdfunding platforms, such as 

5. Talk with foundations that support the issue and your geographic community to consider partnerships for the lab.  

Contact Michael Bischoff, michael at clarityfacilitation dot com to talk through options. 



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